Tackling Rugby / by Ian Hedges

17-10-2015 - Ossett RUFC 1st's vs. Hessle RUFC 1st's

On the 17th October, I had the opportunity to shoot a game out in Hull between Ossett and Hessle RUFC's. This was the first Rugby Union game which I had covered, so was a fair learning curve. As with hockey, position and patience were key, but Rugby has a bigger pitch and the ball moves so differently around the pitch. Having an understanding of the game is very useful, however there is a big difference between understanding the game via TV or seeing it in the stands, and actually being at ground level getting the shot! 

I was helped on the day with a 1.6x extender (Mark II) which I had spotted on EBay for a bargin price. This gave me a 480mm reach on the 5D. This did loose me a stop in light and an caused effective increase in the depth of field. However, the game was played in good light conditions; an overcast day in the early afternoon. 

I spend much of the game moving between several vantage points around the pitch, to get a good spread of images. The final stretch of the game, i positioned myself behind the posts at the end of the pitch, allowing me to capture a good series of head on attacking moves.

A good learning experience and hopefully more opportunity will arise to shoot rugby in the future.