A Bit of Blue / by Ian Hedges

11-10-2015 - Wakefield 1st's vs. Deeside Ramblers 1st's

The 2012 Olympics in London were the first, where the sport of hockey played on a different coloured surface. It was decried as somewhat gimmicky, but proponents claimed the contrast between lines and pitch, and colour reproduction on the TV made it the correct decision. It in the last few years, several hockey pitches have started using Blue turf as an alternative to the traditional green, however, they're still a relative rarity. Having one within a few miles travel is a benefit worth taking advantage of, while learning to shoot in different environment.

The game going on at the time was a National Conference League match between Wakefield 1st team and Deeside ramblers. The game played at this level is faster and played in a different style. There is less time spent carrying the ball, so getting the "hero" shot becomes far more difficult. Also, because the game tends to be more open, the transition between attack and defence is rapid, meaning that there is less opportunity to get the shot at "your end", before the action has moved off to an area of the pitch where the 300mm reach is not enough.

This was the first opportunity I had to shoot a game of this level, and hopefully will get more chances in the new year.

Photos were taken on the 11th October 2015. Full album can be found here.