Sport Through the Full Frame / by Ian Hedges


This season has also been a learning curve on full frame. I've had a second hand, 5D mark 1 for the last few months. The camera's larger sensor more than makes up for its short comings, and even though it isnt the newest, most shiny piece of kit, its still great for shooting (yes even sports).

The full frame allows a more shallow depth of field which separates out the subject from the background. The microcontrast and colour reproduction has its own look compared to the cameras i have used in the past, which really make the images stand out.

The only real problem for it's ISO tops out at 3200, which can be limiting as the sun goes down. Also, while 3 frames per second might sound fast, but it feels slow when a player is accelerating towards your lens?

While this is a "limitation" in a world when cameras can do 254,000 ISO and 14 frames per second, it forces me to pick the shots, and make them count!

Photos taken on 4th October 2015. Full album available here