First Saturday Back by Ian Hedges

Getting back on to shooting after Christmas coincides with the first games of 2016. The league had scheduled a full day of fixtures, allowing for a day of shooting! Below are some of the highlights, though not much of note to mention...

Well, except weather! 

The great British weather can often be a pain to contend with. The day starts with light cloud, and prefect soft lighting and ends with torrential rain. Far worse when I've already found a perch in a dugout with my gear! Unfortunately, the equipment is not fully waterproof, and neither am I, which makes shooting during a downpour a "fun" experience!

Last of the Season by Ian Hedges

15-12-2015 - Ladies 3rd's vs. Sheffield University Bankers 2nd's

These are the last of 2015. When the light is failing, the rain is falling and the conditions are changing, sometimes there isn't much to be done and no 30 photo highlight reel. 

But there is still a good handful of pictures which tell the story of the match.

Photos were taken on the 15th December 2015; album can be found here.

Masters of The Golden Hour by Ian Hedges

02-11-2015 - Mens Masters vs. Harrogate

The masters games are played on a Sunday afternoon. In this case, the game ran partly through the golden hour of shooting. This is a bit of a love hate thing for me. While it is great to get the golden light, due to the way it colours the picture and provides a yellow-orange hue to skin tones, it can also provide harsh lighting to pictures of teams playing into.out of the sun.

A lot of movement and careful shooting is needed to get the benefits, without the downsides.

Photos were taken on 2nd November 2015; full album of images can be found here.